Mini Golf Saga

Mini Golf Saga


Embark on an immersive golf adventure with Mini Golf Saga, a captivating 3D mini-golf game set against the backdrop of a picturesque beach, featuring diverse golf levels where precision is key to achieving the lowest hit count for a high score; facing limited hits per level, strategize your shots wisely and, when needed, watch a rewarded video ad to replenish your chances and continue the saga of sun-soaked golfing excitement.

Key Features:

- Beach Setting: Immerse yourself in a vibrant beach setting, enhancing the mini-golf experience with stunning visuals. - Diverse Golf Levels: Explore a variety of mini-golf levels, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for precision shots. - Hit Management: Strategize your shots wisely as you face limited hits per level, aiming for the lowest hit count to attain a high score. - Rewarded Video Ads: Watch a rewarded video ad to replenish your hits, providing a strategic option for players aiming to conquer challenging levels. - High Score Challenge: Compete for the highest score by showcasing your mini-golf skills in this sun-soaked golfing saga.


Mini Golf Saga invites you to a 3D beachside mini-golf experience, challenging players to achieve the lowest hit count, strategically managing limited hits per level, and offering the option to watch a rewarded video ad for additional chances.

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