Bubble Shooter Free 3

Bubble Shooter Free 3


Bubble Shooter Free 3 is back with a long-awaited 3rd sequel to one of the most popular bubble shooter games there is! This bubble shooter embraces endless gameplay that is designed for players to enjoy hours and hours of fun without time pressure. It boasts the ‘Bubble Swap’ feature which lets you swap the current bubble in your shooter with the incoming one as well as the BOMB which creates huge explosions popping 15 bubbles at once! Now the players can play even more strategically!


Aim and shoot bubbles to match three or more of the same color and clear them from the board. The arrow at the bottom shows where your shot will go. You'll see two bubbles: the one ready to shoot and the next one in the bottom left for strategic swaps. Successfully popping groups keeps the board clear, but missing shots adds new rows, pushing bubbles closer to the bottom. Don't let them drop too low, or it's game over!

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